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Member Benefits

Membership Privileges

Enjoy the many preferred or discounted rates for IPA members on insurance, car rentals, hotels, IPA hosted events,

cruises, organized tours and celebrations, or at one of the nearly 70 private accommodations available around the


IPA Accommodations

The IPA has numerous properties worldwide where members can stay in reasonably priced accommodation. Today there are IPA Houses across the globe, from Australia to South Africa to the United Kingdom - the concept is still developing with more houses being opened each year.​


Not a traveler, but want to expand your policing career opportunities?  ​Connect with IPA members from around the world. Apply for IPA scholarships and educational opportunities handed out every year. Take part in a variety of training conferences hosted in various parts of the world.


Travel with your family, to most parts of the world knowing you have a friendly face waiting to welcome and assist you at your destination. Take part in cultural and house exchanges, sporting events and hobby interests at local, national and international levels.

Some of the Member Discount Programs

Upon joining, new members are entitled to become  Perkopolis members.


Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed perk programs, in use by over 2,000 Canadian organizations. Our team is continually sourcing exclusive, high value offers, rewards and benefits… perks that you desire most! To deliver on these high value, exclusive-offers and preferred pricing deals, we partner directly with North America’s top entertainment, travel, shopping and lifestyle brands. Perkopolis offers are exclusive and available only to the members of our partner organizations.

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The savings you will realize through Perkopolis will pay for your membership dues.

It’s a beautiful day when you can save on travel with Collette!

Go guided with us to all 7 continents and experience the Collette difference. When you choose to go on a tour with Collette, you know you’ll be embarking on a carefully crafted holiday. We seamlessly handle all the details, so whether you’re travelling along the rolling hills of the Irish countryside, exploring the rainforests of Costa Rica, or standing in awe of Iceland’s natural wonders, we’re right by your side making sure you have the time of your life.

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