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                                                                                             IPA Region 6 Activity Challenge

                                                                                                          October 2023


Well it finally happened… Snow arrived throughout Region 6, albeit very briefly… a tease for what is to come. We almost made it through October. On 30 October, it snowed very briefly, the earliest snowfall since 2020. That did not deter the team in accumulating their kilometers. All continue to break records and Region 6 only has 4,860kms left to circumnavigate the globe! An amazing feat! We are generally surpassing 2,000 kms each month. Wouldn’t it be incredible to finish the Activity Challenge by the end of December 2023?! The projection was February – March 2024. Can we do it? We most certainly can… IF… we get just a few more participants to help pull this off. We only need 4,860kms! If you are not already participating, please join us. Just two more months. Any distance counts. We will take a little or a lot. Let’s show our strength and team spirit and help us wrap this up. For any new participants, please email the Region 6, Activity Coordinator, Teresa Holmes at

Your spouse/partner/children can also participate. Region 6 challenges you to get up and add to our achievement. You can walk, hike, run, swim, outdoors or indoors. Even mow your lawn. We will take all recorded distances.


Bill Murrell is our continued record breaker, busting through the 7,000km mark!!! Bill’s total in 13 months is 7, 398kms! That is absolutely incredible, more so for one of our retired members. No other is close to Bill’s feat! Congratulations Bill and don’t stop! Two more months!!!


Three Region 6 members pushed through the 3,000km mark: Andy Bakker, in 2nd place with a total of 3,451 kms; Teresa Holmes with 3,189 kms, in 3rd place and JP Vincelette with 3,162. Jonathan Cheung and Doug Morris broke the 2,000km; and June Reggler and Brian Sullivan are  sooooo close to breaking the 3,000km mark. Congratulations to every single participant! What an incredible distance in just 13 months.


All members are doing an outstanding job and we so appreciate your dedication and determination. We are so close to the finish. Let’s keep going and with a bit more push we will have accomplished a first for IPA National and perhaps International. 40,075kms! Just a number now.


Doug Morris has managed to surpass 2,000kms through grit and intense International travel. Doug and his wife are our champion in the highest number of countries trekked throughout this Activity Challenge. October finds Doug back in balmy British Columbia. They hiked around Gibsons and up to the "Beer Farm" Persephone Brewing. With the beautiful fall weather and inspired by other hikers, Doug hiked/walked 183kms!

Teresa Shop 1_edited.png
Teresa Thanksgiving.jpg

Teresa Holmes throughly enjoyed herself accumulating her many kilometers with her annual American shopping spree with her partner in crime, her sister, Mary-Ellen. The following week found her in the Appalachian Mountains enjoying Thanksgiving, preparing the great turkey feast followed by a great walk in some of the high. mountain trails. She also managed to break the 3,000 km mark. 

A Mts 1.jpg
Teresa Shopping 2.jpg
A Mts 2.jpg

Jeff Pinhey walked his way all around Louisville, Kentucky. Poor guy, missed out on our region's first snowfall. Enjoy Jeff and keep up your excellent work!

Richard Brzozowski also traveled south to Dallas, Texas and found to his great delight a great sign during his walks

"We Don't Call 911". 

B 1.jpg

Brian Sullivan cycled through another Ecuadorian city of Atuntaoui, Overall Brian completed 217kms, another outstanding distance!

Brian has consistently cycled throughout the past two years during our Activity Challenge, sometimes every day. I, personally would not be able to get off the bicycle, let alone walk after all that distance! Way to go Brian! 

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