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International Police Association

Congratulations on becoming an Ottawa Police Officer.  In recognition of this accomplishment, the International Police Association (IPA) – Ottawa would like to offer you a free 2024 membership.  All that is required from you is to complete our application form and submit it.  The application form may be found HERE.

So, what is the IPA?

The IPA is the largest police friendship organization in the world with over 369,000 members in 68 countries across the globe.  The IPA does not have any political, religious or employment affiliations or objectives. The IPA is solely an inclusive friendship organization that welcomes all eligible members.

As the IPA is strictly a fraternal association, it does not interfere, in any way, with the work of your ottawa police association.

What’s in it for me?

  • Membership Privileges

Enjoy the many preferred or discounted rates for IPA members on insurance, car rentals, hotels, IPA hosted events, cruises, organized tours and celebrations, or at one of the nearly 70 private accommodations available around the world. 

  • IPA Accommodations

​The IPA has numerous properties worldwide where members can stay in reasonably priced accommodation. Today there are IPA Houses across the globe, from Australia to South Africa to the United Kingdom with more houses being opened each year.​

  • Networking

Not a traveler, but want to expand your policing career opportunities?  ​Connect with IPA members from around the world. Apply for IPA scholarships and educational opportunities handed out every year. Take part in a variety of training conferences hosted in various parts of the world.

  • Travel

Travel with your family, to most parts of the world knowing you have a friendly face waiting to welcome and assist you at your destination. Take part in cultural and house exchanges, sporting events and hobby interests at local, national and international levels.

  • Training

The Arthur Troop Scholarship:

As a legacy to the IPA’s founder, is a professional education and advanced training bursary, with the aim of aiding IPA members in their professional careers. Every year, serving IPA members are invited to submit their application forms to their national section to be in with the chance of receiving a scholarship of up to €2,500 to be used for a seminar or training option of their choosing. Many of the awardees opt to attend a seminar from the wide range on offer at the IPA’s Education Centre – IBZ Gimborn in Germany.

Young Police Officers Seminar:

Every other year, the IPA  organizes a Young Police Officers’ Seminar, providing the opportunity for newer recruits to meet their peers and take part in a themed training programme. In recent years, the YPOS has taken participants to Sri Lanka (2022) the UK (2019), USA (2017), Poland (2015) and Australia (2013). The majority of members attending these events are aged 35 or under, and the aim is to provide a global view of law enforcement and the IPA overall. A subsidy is provided to the organising section from the international budget to keep costs affordable.

  • Sports

Activities range from playing football in Italy, to joining a table tennis tournament in Poland, from taking part in a shooting competition in Croatia to playing golf in France. As part of a team or as a single competitor, IPA sports activities will enable you to widen your horizons and meet police officers as keen on sports as you.

What you get out of the IPA depends on you.

If you just wish to travel, great, but you can also get involved as a volunteer and help the association with new ideas.  If you would like to discuss volunteering, write to the Regional President at

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