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IPA Region 6

Activity Challenge March 2023 Results

Yet another winter month has passed us by, and March, typically being the last of our long and cold winter months for Region 6, we gladly bid adieu. In total, we received over 300cm of snow and all are anxiously looking forward to our warmer and glorious summer. Regardless of the snow and cold, Region 6 members managed to accumulate another 2,300+kms, bringing to total, after 7 months of the Activity Challenge, a fantastic distance of 14,755! No small feat and we congratulate each and every participating member on their outstanding accomplishment.

Jim Grant has kept true to form and surpassed our Regional circumference of 719kms. Just in time, as he is packing up and heading back to Ottawa where we are looking forward to enjoying his company at our monthly brunches. Jim, happily retired, is one of our “Snowbirds”, migrating South to Florida to keep away from the bitter cold and too much snow during our winter months.

Bill Murrell clocked an astounding 643kms in March, bringing his total to 3,247 kms. I have been clamoring for photographs of his knees, which must be bionic. Bill has modestly stated by maintaining a grueling stationary bike ride each night he has increased his endurance, satisfactorily noting that during basketball games the younger crew have a hard time keeping up to him. Bill is also preparing for his dragon boat team races. It will be interesting to watch this summer. His other teammates only need to sit in the canoe, I am sure Bill will do all the work.

Other placings have slightly changed over the month of March. Teresa has crept up to second place, mainly by walking Mary Blois’ dogs again. The more kilometers she gets in with Mary’s Jack Russell puppy, Walter, the calmer he stays. Brian Sullivan is quickly advancing to claim third place, biking mainly throughout the Andes mountain ranges… whew! That should count for triple kilometers. June Reggler is in fourth place and only a mere kilometre behind June is JP Vincelette, who is chomping at the bit to get his bicycle out again. Jeff Pinhey surpassed 100kms down South, finally having enough of our crazy snowfalls. Lucky guy! Doug Morris has found his way back to Canada and did an excellent job, despite his working too hard and the crazy snow. He indicates he is resting up for April. Andy Bakker is also counting the days to summer… our typical Region 6 spring is just a mere few weeks. Jonathan Cheung is keeping pace with 100kms+ and doing a fantastic job maintaining his endurance through the dark and dreary months. With the upcoming warmer weather Deacon Bill will be inching towards his 500km mark. Absolutely amazing, for having recovered from knee surgery. Again, an incredible job by all members. A reminder to send in your pictures as they are always welcome and add to our accomplishments.

The Activity Challenge will run from 01 September 2022 to 31 August 2023. It is not too late to join us on our quest to traverse the circumference of the world. Don’t wait. Sign up today for our Activity Challenge and let’s see what our region can accomplish.

The Activity Challenge is to traverse our approximate regional circumference of 719 kms. You may accumulate distance by walking, hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, paddling, golfing, indoor on exercise machines, or outdoors. Like last year, once you have achieved our regional circumference, you are encouraged to keep going to assist in the accomplishment of the world circumference.

To register for the IPA Region 6 Fitness Challenge please send an email to   The Fitness Challenge coordinator is Teresa Holmes, the Regional Secretary.  She will respond back within a short period of time.  An Excel spreadsheet 2022/2023 has been created to track kilometers (kms) and names.  Participants are requested to submit their kms on a monthly basis.

Gilbert Antcil
Gilbert Anctil found himself trekking throughout Mexican state of Jalisco with some retired Canadian Navy friends. As well as enjoying a happy reunion, they walked in difficult terrain throughout daily 30-32C weather at +5,000 ft elevation around the Chapala region (certainly hope Gilbert is “not” complaining about the heat… and lack of snow). 
Brian Sullivan
Brian Sullivan biked 335 kms throughout the Andes, during a very wet month of March. I guess he made a new local friend, or made a very wide detour and showed great respect for the monstrous tarantula. One of the older buildings he came across was constructed in 1602, way back in the Spanish Colonial era. The Luna family bought the land from King Philip III of Spain and established a large, successful sheep farm, kept in the family name until 1945 when the Local Land Reforms led to 90% of the land divided and redistributed amongst the local population. This estate, named The Hacienda Cusin was restored in the 1990s by its current owner, Mr Nicholas Millhouse. It is considered one of the 3rd/4th oldest haciendas in Ecuador. Brian made some other neat friends, Capt America along his travels and enjoyed the many colorful local buildings, and magnificent views.
Brian spider.jpg
Brian Capt America.jpg
Brian biking 1.jpg
Brian countryside.jpg
Brian crazy house 2.jpg
Brian biking 3.jpg
Brian biling 2.jpg
Brian old bldg 1.jpg
Brian old bldg 2.jpg
Brian crazy house 1.jpg
Brian vegetation.jpg
Teresa Holmes
Teresa Holmes managed to clock 100kms+ while taking her favourite pooch, Walter on car rides to walk and play in the various Ottawa parks
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