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IPA Region 6 Activity Challenge 

September 2023


Summer has left us once again, here in the Ottawa and surrounding area of Region 6. Holidays are wrapping up and some of us are returning back to the work environment... while others, like Jim Grant are preparing to be a Canadian "snowbird" and migrate down to the sunny, warmer coastal waters of Florida, USA. Our leaves are changing colors and presenting marvellous reds, yellows, oranges and green mixtures which results in excellent walking, hiking, biking conditions. Unfortunately, with fall, here in the Ottawa region, cold/flu season begins to rear it's ugly head, as well as COVID-19. Some of us have already fallen ill with these maladies, while others are trying valiantly to remain healthy. Here is hoping for a easy winter... although the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a warmer winter due to El Nino, and...lots of snow! Last year we surpassed previous snowfall records. 

To date, after 13 months, our Region total is 32,463kms! What an achievement! So incredibly impressive with under 20 members participating. With the world's circumference of 40,075kms, we only have 7,612kms left... a few more months. We can do it! An amazing feat that has yet to be accomplished by any other IPA region.

Bill Murrell continues to set the pace with a total of 6,942kms! Superman will most definitely surpass 7,000kms in October. Bill slowed down, just a tad, during September to enjoy holidays with his family and recover from COVID-19. Our next two regional members have surpassed the ladies, Andy Bakker has broken the 3,000km limit with a total of 3,081, closely followed by JP Vincelette, with a total of 3,055kms. Congratulations gentlemen on your astounding feat!

Some of the rest of us continued to enjoy the warm fall weather and got out on the water, paddle boarding, like Osman Ozdemir and still braving the water to swim, like Teresa Holmes. Any and all activity assuredly helps us to conquer the world's circumference. If you are interested in joining in on this fun Activity Challenge, don't hesitate! Simply email and indicate you wish to sign up. We added 3 new members to our group over the summer. Always ready to welcome more.

Jeff and wife.jpg

Jeff Pinhey and his wife continuing to collect kilometres by cycling and enjoying the changing fall leaves and incredible scenery.

Brian Scenery 2.jpg
Brian Scenery 3.jpg
Brian Scenery 1.jpg

So appreciative to Brian Sullivan who graces us with stunning mountainous terrain and bright, loud colored buildings of Ecuador. Brian continues to cycle the steep mountain roads throughout the year, taking advantage of the continual warm climate. 

Brian Bike 1.jpg
Brian Bike 2.jpg
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