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IPA Region 6

Activity Challenge April – July 2023 Results


Due to some technical difficulty, family affairs (author lost 3 family members during COVID-19), hectic work staff turnover, and summer activities, the IPA Region 6 Activity Challenge for April to July 2023 will be combined. Thank-you to all our participating members for their patience, never giving up the drive, and monthly submissions, more so all the fantastic pictures. Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to catch up on individual member’s activities and adventures.

Region 6 survived yet another Canadian winter and Mother Nature most certainly enjoyed teasing us with record breaking 30+ temperatures over our Easter weekend in April and again a few days in May. Nobody complained and the numerous gardens began to grow, bicycles, canoes and kayaks were being pulled out, and  hockey gear slowly being stowed away. Our snow birds, Jim Grant, Gilbert Anctil and Doug Morris returned. Jim was quick to rejoin our Regional brunches. Always such a pleasure to meet old and dear friends. Spring in Region 6 typically blew by and we are all enjoying the dog days of summer, hot, humid and lots of sun, mixed in with a few tornados.

As a team, IPA Region 6 members have managed to traverse half of the world’s circumference in 9 months. Way to go Team!! Our current total as of July 2023 is 25,272!! Last year it took us 10 months to pass this number and our grand 2021/2022 total was 24,218kms, which we have already passed. Our team has also set a new record of having all participants traverse our regional circumference of 719kms. So incredibly impressive.

As the world’s circumference is 40,075kms, we only have 14,803 kms left to go. Rather than finish at the end of August, short of achieving our goal of traversing this considerable circumference, we dare to extend the Activity Challenge for all to keep going until we have surpassed the remaining kilometers. I project we should be done by March 2024. This will be an incredible feat and a first for all of IPA International!

Our top contender for April through to July, once again is Bill Murrell. Bill has consistently bettered 600+kms each month, with a total of 5,805! An astonishing distance, as last year Bill completed 2,836kms. Must have been a warm up year. Bill, “The Bionic Man” laughs it off, stating he is determined to show the young whipper snipers an old guy can still “walk all over them” while he plays on his basketball team and trains/competes in Dragonboat racing. Check out Bill’s pictures below, as he achieved the great distances by pedaling on his stationary bicycle or rowing machine on a daily basis during the winter months and continued to pedal outdoors in extreme heat. Bill placed 2nd last year, but it is pretty clear who will place first end August 2023. Bill has assured us he will continue to help us achieve our final goal.

Teresa Holmes is in 2nd place, with a distance of 2,504, which she accredits to her daily 10km walks, now combined with distance swimming and kayaking. Having worked throughout the summer last year, 2022, she is able to fully enjoy summer this year, finding lakes to swim countless kilometers and tune out as she finds her rhythm and goes the distance.

Brian Sullivan is in 3rd place with 2,233kms. Brian has continued to pedal throughout the Andes Mountain ranges in Ecuador. Even a flat bicycle tire did not slow him down… even, hitching a ride on the back of a local truck and finding himself in a face off with a fat, humongous, nasty spider… (that would have been it for the author). Brian survived this nightmarish encounter and continued on to bicycle yet another day.

June Reggler trekked an incredible 333kms in May to push her up to 4th place. Both her and Deacon Bill went South and both flourished in the warmer tropical weather. Deacon Bill has completed our regional circumference and is now pushing for 1,000kms. Absolutely incredible, even more so, as he underwent knee replacement surgery.

Our world travelers Gilbert Anctil and Doug Morris finally decided to enjoy our summer warmth in Ottawa and joined us for our regional brunch in Orleans. Was excellent to visit and catch up on all the news. Gilbert has bragging right to a July total of 2,211 kms. Doug is not too far behind. Congratulations to both and again, extra points should go to both, for gathering kilometers in many different countries.

On 30 July, Bill Murrell, with his wife, Ann, Teresa Holmes, Jeff Pinhey, and our new regional member who immigrated from Türkiye, Osman Ozdemir walked the world for Blue Friendship along the Trans Canada Trail in Stittsville. The five walked 4 kms, for a combined total of 20kms added to the world circumference, which brings the actual remaining total to 14,783kms. In conjunction with International Friendship Day on 30 July, IPA International also celebrated 70 years of existence. The walk was about doing things together and sharing the wonderful experience in Blue Friendship, providing comfort and encouragement to each other.

The Activity Challenge will continue to run until the world’s circumference is achieved. It is not too late to join us on our quest. Don’t wait. Sign up today for our Activity Challenge and let’s see what our region can accomplish.

The Activity Challenge is to traverse our approximate regional circumference of 719 kms. You may accumulate distance by walking, hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, paddling, golfing, indoor on exercise machines, or outdoors. Like last year, once you have achieved our regional circumference, you are encouraged to keep going to assist in the accomplishment of the world circumference.

To register for the IPA Region 6 Fitness Challenge please send an email to   The Fitness Challenge coordinator is Teresa Holmes, the Regional Secretary.  She will respond back within a short period of time.  An Excel spreadsheet 2022/2023 has been created to track kilometers (kms) and names.  Participants are requested to submit their kms on a monthly basis.

Teresa Holmes

Regional Secretary &

Activity Challenge Coordinator

Bill Murrell


Bill “The Bionic Man” Murrell is our top participant with a total of 2,558 kms, which he amazingly achieved during the months of April – July!!!! Last year he completed 2836kms in 12 months and placed second. Determined not to be outdone and claim first place, Bill spent numerous hours in his Man Cave where he rowed and cycled on his stationary equipment. Since November 2022, Bill has consistently surpassed the 600km mark! His knees are holding out and he submits himself to more grueling punishment by playing team basketball during the cold months and Dragonboat racing during the warm months. Bill happily moved outside to cycling the Trans Canada Trails and other locations throughout Ottawa, even in our extreme, insane heat of 36+ C… Bill was outside cycling! The Man… The Machine!


Teresa Holmes


Teresa Holmes kept active throughout the months of April to July, by mainly walking and finally swimming and kayaking for a total of 981 kms. She aims to walk 10kms a day. She joined in the walk of The Way of the Cross during Good Friday, stopping throughout Ottawa City Center to pray the Stations of the Cross. She further enjoyed walking with friends and family, even collecting 30kms a day during the 9 day Public Service strike, most of which was rainy and cold. The one good day, she dressed up as a dinosaur where she taught some line dancing. She ended up walking extra kilometers in Old Quebec city looking for ice cream and looking for unique and awesome sport cars. Finally, she basked in the beautiful sunny days at cottage country, swimming across the lake numerous times (aprox 1 km across) and kayaking the length, re-earning her nickname “Fish”.  Thankfully the National Capital Commission opened up a lake house right around the corner from her residence where she is able to continue swimming her laps.

Teresa 1.png
Teresa 2.png

Brian Sullivan

Brian continued to bicycle and explore the Andes Mountain range in Ecuador, clocking in 748 kilometers. He also enjoyed 10 days of scuba diving on the Dutch island of Bonaire and visited the local Dutch police station. Throughout his cycling journeys he visited many Ecuadorian  police stations, noting their various modes of transportation. Brian also witnessed the Ecuadorian Army assisting the local police with traffic stops and person/vehicle searches due to narco-trafficking. He has even been the subject of searches on two occasions. He keeps himself cooled down with the local Salcedo, a frozen ice cone. Brian climbed up to the San Miguel statue, which is the patron saint for Police Officers. While cycling down the south Pacific in Puerto Lopes, his rear bicycle blew, which meant he had to hitch a ride in the back of a banana truck… he managed to get back home, but not before an ugly faceoff with a hideous, huge and stubborn banana spider. 


Deacon Bill and June Reggler


Deacon Bill has done a tremendous job in surpassing our Regional circumference, more so after recovering from a knee replacement surgery and a bad fall last 2022. Nevertheless, his spirit and determination made him press on, and reach his goal. Deacon Bill was given huge support by his new service dog, a beautiful German shepherd. Deacon Bill has actually  achieved his second goal of surpassing 1,000kms! Huge Kudos!!!


June, Deacon Bill’s wife is actually in 2nd place, with a total of 2,506kms, 4 kms more than Teresa Holmes. (Their submissions were received after the reporting period). June has steadily been moving up, racing neck and neck with JP Vincelette and now Teresa. Most excellent accomplishment June! Keep up the good work.


Doug Morris 


Doug Morris is one of our International travelers, racking up the kilometers throughout Canada and the USA. Doug, along with his lovely wife, clocked in 944kms between the months of April to July. One to avoid the nasty weather, Doug began his voyage on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, walking along Hopinks Landing, Howe Sound, Vancouver and Victoria. He then walked throughout Seattle, Washington and Astoria, Oregon. Then another road trip and hikes from Ottawa, ON to Gibsons BC via Kalamazoo, Michigan, Des Moines, Iowa, Mitchell, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Upton Wyoming and Kicking Horse River in BC. Doug even somehow managed to get some rowing in. Quite the amazing feat, and more so inspirational for the rest of us to never stop and keep going!


Jeff Pinhey 


Jeff Pinhey kept active throughout April to July training and participating in the Dragon boat races, walking and hiking at Mount Tremblant with his wife and even getting in a few kilometers with his bicycle. Jeff’s total for the 4 months is 594kms. Another excellent achievement!


IPA Region 6

Walking the World for Blue Friendship

On Sunday, 30 July 2023, Region 6 IPA members, Bill Murrell (Supply/Travel Rep) and his wife, Ann; Teresa Holmes (Secretary); Jeff Pinhey; and Osman Ozdemir walked 4 kilometers along the Trans Canada Trail in Stittsville, ON for IPA International “Walking the World for Blue Friendship” for a total of 20kms to add onto our Regional Activity Challenge of Walking the Circumference of the World. It was yet again, another beautiful, sunny and hot Ottawa day. All members rewarded themselves afterwards with beverages and delicious delights from Ecuador Coffee.

Walking the World.png
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