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                                                                            IPA REGION 6

                                       ACTIVITY CHALLENGE FEBRUARY 2023 RESULTS

End of February brings us to the halfway point of our Region 6 Activity Challenge. We are standing strong with 12 participants, accumulating a total of 12,421 kms. Still a long way away from the world circumference, so, if you find yourself walking, working out, or if not already, jump on the Ol ‘bandwagon and start trekking so we can complete our goal of 40,075 kms. The month of February brought quite a bit…or too much snow here in the Ottawa area. At least we didn’t get our prolonged cold, like our normal Canadian winters. Unfortunately, the famous Rideau canal was not open for our Winter Carnival and remained closed for the entire season. This is the first full season closure since the canal welcomed skaters in 1971!


Our Region 6 members are doing a fantastic job, as always. So far 8 members have completed the regional circumference of 719kms, and all agreed to carry on trying and circumnavigate the world. Jim Grant is so close to surpassing the 719 kms. I am sure he will succeed during the month of March. Kudos to Jim, who kept racking up the kms by swimming, playing golf, shuffleboard, horseshoes and walking in the beautiful, warmer climate of Florida. Unfortunately, Jim’s quick pace spooked a local dog, who lunged and bit him. The good news is the dog was up to date on its shots and Jim had a quick recovery.


Bill Murrell continues to be our top-notch participant, clocking 2,604kms! Bill is well on his way of breaking his last year’s record. Bill has been diligently riding his stationary bicycle during the winter months and will soon be preparing for his dragon boat races. Congratulations again Bill! Job well done! JP Vincelette is in second place, having achieved 1,463 kms. Absolutely outstanding! Teresa Holmes is in third place, taking advantage of the unusually warmer winter and getting in those kilometers by walking, ball room dancing and even step dance/clogging.


We would like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to Deacon Bill, who has bravely pushed through a knee surgery and then a bad fall, which kept him out of action for the majority of the first 6 months. Devotion and determination he has managed to walk half of the Region circumference. So proud of you Deacon Bill! Congratulations! Brian Sullivan is also making a quiet comeback, being able to bicycle throughout Ecuador all year long. Doesn’t get cold and only snows on the top of the mountain peaks down there. It will be another interesting race to the finish between Bill and Brian. Good Luck to both of you.


Doug Morris is becoming more and more like Carmen Sandiego or Where is Waldo… having trekked throughout the USA and the Caribbean, he has journeyed over to the South Pacific and found himself on the Chocolate Hills, on Bohol Island in the Philippines. Doug was hard at work, not harvesting chocolates, but searching for strange beasts such as the Tarsier monkey. This little monkey actually fits in the palm of one’s hand. Doug should receive Special Notice for having trekked our Region 6 Activity Challenge in the most varied countries… and there is no stopping him!


The Activity Challenge will run from 01 September 2022 to 31 August 2023. It is not too late to join us on our quest to traverse the circumference of the world. Don’t wait. Sign up today for our Activity Challenge and let’s see what our region can accomplish.

The Activity Challenge is to traverse our approximate regional circumference of 719 kms. You may accumulate distance by walking, hiking, running, bicycling, swimming, paddling, golfing, indoor on exercise machines, or outdoors. Like last year, once you have achieved our regional circumference, you are encouraged to keep going to assist in the accomplishment of the world circumference.


To register for the IPA Region 6 Fitness Challenge please send an email to   The Fitness Challenge coordinator is Teresa Holmes, the Regional Secretary.  She will respond back within a short period of time.  An Excel spreadsheet 2022/2023 has been created to track kilometers (kms) and names.  Participants are requested to submit their kms on a monthly basis.

Tarsier Monkey Doug 1.jpg

While Doug Morris was hiking throughout the mountainous terrain of the Chocolate Hills in the Philippines he did not find any chocolate, much to his surprise, but a weird little creature with huge bug eyes, a Tarsier monkey. Unlike poor Jim Grant, Doug did not get bit.


Jeff Pinhey got tired of all our cold and snow and became a "snowbird" down in Florida, enjoying his walks along a pristine beautiful beach. Smart guy!  Only three more months to enjoy our beaches in the Ottawa region 


Brian Sullivan achieved 257 kms of mountain biking, all in the Andes...that should be equivalent for double points! He took a break from the mountainous terrain and biked along the Ecuadoran coast of the Pacific Ocean, managing to meet some of the best friends possible.

Teresa Holmes braved the nasty cold weather and enjoyed the annual Winter Carnival at the Governor General’s residence and on Sparks Street. The carnival is truly a must for all. Jacques Cartier Park in Gatineau, Quebec has gargantuan snow sculptures and there is normally skating on the longest ice rink in the world, the Rideau Canal,  and every Winter Carnival needs delicious hot chocolate and sensational Beaver Tails to eat.

For those of us who would rather hibernate during the winter, Region 6 members ate and were merry. Enjoying a fantastic brunch and better company is Deacon Bill (red shirt), our Region President, Len MacPherson (wine sweatshirt), his lovely wife Pat and Guy Babin (blue shirt). 

IPA Region 6 Activity Challenge 2022/ 2023

January 2023 Results


IPA Region 6 has surpassed yet another year, hopefully winding down with the Covid-19 pandemic. Already, Region 6 has completed 4 months of the 2022-2023 Activity Challenge. Where does the time go when one is working out? The Ottawa region has been exceptionally fortunate this winter season, having escaped the frigid, prolonged cold months from last year. Must be our respite. Unfortunately, for Winterlude and those that enjoyed skating on the Rideau Canal, the unseasonably warm weather is playing a huge negative impact as water is still flowing in our waterways. Old Man Winter did not forget to bring on the snow. We saw a record dump of close to 100cms in January alone, the majority of winter storms bringing wet and heavy snow. We have two more months of winter to endure…


January 2023 was a very busy and profitable month for the Activity Challenge. Two more regional members have surpassed our Regional circumference of 710 kms! Bravo Zulo to Gilbert Anctil and Jonathan Cheung. Quite the accomplishment in four months. To date we have seven members who have strove past the regional circumference, more than half of our team. To date all members have trekked just over 10,000 kms! We need 30,000 more to complete the circumference of the world. We could use some help if any members are interested. Simply email The Activity Challenge coordinator is Teresa Holmes, the Regional Secretary. She will respond back within a short period of time. All members keep track of their daily/weekly workouts and pass on their results at the end of each month


I would be remiss to not congratulate once again Bill Murrell, our supply and travel representative, “The Machine”, who has steadfastly used his stationary bicycle during the winter months to peddle past 2,000kms! What a feat! Bill came in a close second last year, terribly beat the author by over 1,000 kms and is determined to peddle the earth’s circumference on his own…that is if his knees do not give out. Amazing accomplishment and determination Bill! Huge respect and congratulations!


We certainly received a lot of pictures this past month. Always love to receive and share them. Don’t be shy. Very envious of those who were able to add some kilometers in warmer regions, such as Gilbert Anctil, Brian Sullivan, Jim Grant and Doug Morris. For those of us remaining in the Ottawa region, the weathermen are predicting lots more snow, much, much, more snow before the end of the season. Bring out the skies and snowshoes.

Doug Morris trekked 77 kms throughout 5 different countries! This is a record and amazing feat for our Activity Challenge. Doug visited Aruba, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Guatemala and returned back to BC, managing to evade our brief, severe cold snap. Here, in the photos, Doug is walking in the Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica, hiking the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala and heading out for a hike in BC.
Doug 2.jpg

Teresa Holmes managed to get in some kilometres, however, with the record snowfall in January throughout Ottawa, it sure felt like more energy was consumed in shovelling than walking. Seen here she is trying to make fun of the cold and high accumulation of snow, much to the delight of Mary Blois.

Gilbert spent time in Portugal, where he made numerous International friends. He found the country very clean with incredible food and culture. However, in January, he found the weather to be a bit too cool for his liking, a mere 12C - 14C in the daytime and plummeting to 4C during the evenings... nothing compared to our cold snap of - 30C+!  Gilbert states the. best time of year to visit Portugal is May - June or September - October, away from the Caribbean hurricane season. Here, Gilbert is spending his last day in Albuferia, walking along the beach with high cliffs.  Venturing away from the waterfront Gilbert sought out and made new friends in the police community. 

Gilbert 6.jpg
Gilbert 2.jpg

Brian Sullivan continues to add up the kilometres, albeit, a bit slower during January, due to an injury and visitors. Being an avid biker, Brian is able to cycle throughout the year and along some incredible scenery. 

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