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IPA Region 6 Activity Challenge

August 2023


August 2023 was a record breaker in many ways for IPA Region 6. Primarily, the temperature never rose above 30+C, a rarity, but welcomed and must have been instrumental in breaking other individual Region members’ records. After one entire year, the Activity Challenge members completed in total, an amount of 29,268kms. Last year, during our initial year, of this challenge, we managed to complete over 22,000+kms. Last year must have been a warm-up. We also achieved another record, by signing up 3 new Activity Challenge members. A huge and warm welcome to Richard Brozozowski, Osman Ozdemir and Gary Coulter. The more the merrier! Not  one, but TWO Regional members outdid themselves in their accumulative monthly distance. Our top performer was Andy Baaker with 894 kms and Bill Murrell set a record with a monthly total of 768kms! Bill has been consistently maintaining a stunning 600+km monthly pace, but somehow, somewhere, found some extra engery. Andy spent the majority of the month taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids’ cancer and raised $1,987.00. Congratulations to both Andy and Bill for a phenomenal job!


Our continuing top contender for the most distance covered so far is Bill Murrell with a total of 6,573kms!! Absolutely incredible Bill and we are all so glad to have you on our team! Second place is Teresa Holmes with a total of 2,729kms, neck and neck with Andy Bakker with 2,725kms and June Reggler coming in at 2,713kms! Teresa thanks her lucky stars she did not challenge Bill again this year. All team members have accomplished phenomenal distances and all should be proud of their feat!


Completing the year with 29,268kms, we all decided to dig deep and not quit! All are carrying on to traverse the world’s circumference of 40,075kms. As of the end of August 2023, we only have 10,807kms left. We anticipate the completion in January – March 2024. A first for IPA Canada.

If you wish to be part of this incredible feat, it is not too late to sign up. You are able to accumulate kms by doing basically any form of physical activity, including lawn mowing (refer to Richard Brozozowski’s story further down). To register simply send an email to You will be registered and may send monthly stats, or you will receive a gentle reminder at the end of each month.


Bill Murrell, shown here with his wife Anne and Gilbert Antcil, has consistently been our top contender this year, with a total of 6,573kms. Bill continues to cycle outside, even during the hot dog days of summer, row and walk. Generally averaging over 600kms+ a month, Bill managed to pull off a whooping 768kms! The Man - The Machine!!! 


Teresa Holmes found herself in cottage county paradise in Yarker, ON, home to another Region 6 member, Penny Amos. Here Teresa accumulated many kms by swimming across the lake numerous times, kayaking and enjoying some walks with Penny and her partner, Brigette. Teresa continued to walk upon her return home, enjoying the various Ottawa sunsets and Gatineau hot air balloon festival.


Andy Bakker was our lead in Aug kms, accumulating a massive 894kms, in his quest to cycle in the Great CYcle Challenge to Fight Kid's Cancer. A phenomenal cause and congratulations Andy on your outstanding performance!

Doug Morris continued his trek throughout the world, this time finding himself wandering throughout the historic ruins of Italy with his lovely wife. Doug withstood the brutal heat to trek 185 kms in and around Rome, Tuscany, Pompeii, even scaling the never ending spiral staircase of the Vatican and then hiking up Mt Vesuvius. Doug has most definitely achieved the top contender in traversing the most amount of countries during this challenge. Keep it up and enjoy!


Brain Sullivan also continued cycling through the Andes mountains in Ecuador, which, has very high altitudes . Brian managed to cycle 104kms. Hats off to the absolutely incredible distances these guys managed to achieve! We should navigate the world's circumference in no time!


One of our newest member's has a unique, but very common and necessary way to add up the kilometres and that is mowing the lawn... a very BIG lawn by lawn mower. Not a ride on mower, but the old fashioned push the machine, clean out the clogged grass and pull start the beast until it works lawn mower. Richard Brozozowski figured out he has walked 6.7 kms per season mowing his front lawn of 38 X 24 foot lawn. His lawn mower has a cut diameter of 19 inches, which requires 15 runs of 38 feet. 570 feet or 190 yards. His back yard is 54 X 24 feet, which requires 15 runs totalling 810 feet or 270 yards. Each time he mows his lawn he is walking .42kms. Living in our fabulous Ottawa region with beautiful summer weather and lots of rain this year, Richard was mowing twice a week to maintain his well manicured lawn. An exceptional and easy way to accumulate kms, which is always welcome in our quest to achieve that 40,000kms+ global circumference. Way to go Richard!!!

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